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Everyone in this world wants to visit Dubai. As it is a dreamland for each and every individual. Check these fascinating facts about Dubai, which will leave you amazed. The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Dubai. Dubai was founded in 1833. But in last 20 years Dubai has turned into World class […]

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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a British luxury shoes, handbags and accessories making brand. It was founded by Jimmy Choo in 1996. Here are some mind bubbling facts about JIMMY CHOO– Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia. His father was a shoe cobbler. At the age of 11 he designed his first pair of shoes. After […]

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Amazing English Facts

These are Amazing Facts about English language. Have a look over them. A sentence which contain all 26 letters of the alphabet is called ‘Pangram’. “Dreamt” is the only English word which end with ‘mt’. The dot over “j” and “i” is called superscript dot. Shakespeare invented over 1000 English words. English is the official […]

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Coca-Cola an Iconic Drink

Check out these bubbling facts about Coca-Cola!! Coca-Cola was invented by Dr. John S Pemberton, an U.S. pharmacist in 1886. John’s bookkeeper Frank M. Robinson invented the name and logo for Coca-Cola. He named Coca-Cola because of its two main ingredients coca leaves and kola nuts. Coca-Cola was originally used as a medicine by Dr. John […]

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30 Splendid Facts about Dolphins

The word Dolphin means “a sea mammal with a pointed and large mouth”. It represents peace, protection and harmony. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animal after human beings. Here are cool facts about Dolphin’s— The word Dolphin has derived from greek word Dolphin which means sea god.. Female dolphins are called Cow, Males are called bulls and Baby […]

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